June 19, 2020

Unlock The Power of Linkedin

LinkedIn is a very powerful online networking resource. Our recommendation would be to stay active on LinkedIn regardless of job search status, but if you are an active job seeker, now is the time to polish your profile.

managing the search

  • Set an alert so relevant job postings will get sent directly to your email when posted.
  • Apply early and track your applications.
    • The odds of getting contacted are much higher in the first couple days of the posting, as opposed to a posting that has been up for several weeks.
  • Consider reaching out directly to the hiring manager or job poster with a personalized note expressing interest.
  • Build your network.
    • Leverage LinkedIn to build a network of professionals. Consider reaching out to former colleagues, school alumni members and search for new connections with similar interests or industry experience.
  • Add a personalized message when requesting to connect.
    • It is important to add a quick personalized message when inviting someone to connect. This will increase the likelihood that they accept the invitation. 

To take advantage of the plethora of job postings that LinkedIn offers, exercise best practices to help you achieve success in your search.

Building your profile

Take the time to populate every section and complete your profile in detail in order to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn

  • Add a brief but strong headline that reflects who you are as a professional. 
  • Fill out a professional summary in the “About” section in first person.
    • This will give the hiring manager a description of you that goes beyond your resume. 
  • Add key words that are relevant to your field throughout the “Experience” and “Skills & Endorsements” section.
    • This will go a long way in helping your profile get found by recruiters through specific key word searches. 
  • Add a clear and professional picture or headshot. 
  • Give your LinkedIn a brand by including a professional and appealing background photo.
  • Post, post, and post some more.
    • A key to building a strong network is to focus on engagement. Create posts that will generate engagement and take the time to engage with others on their posts (likes, comment, etc).
  • Make a custom URL.
    • Your URL should reflect LinkedIn.com/”your name”, as opposed to the random numbers you are automatically assigned. This will appear more professional when including your LinkedIn URL on your resume.
  • Prioritize showcasing your work.
    • Add blogs, videos, slide shows and other media projects that you have created in the past.
  • Proofread.
    • Just like you would a resume, it is best to proofread your LinkedIn profile for any potential typos.

The Purple Squirrel take

LinkedIn serves as a great tool that every candidate in an active search should take advantage of. It has the potential to expand your network/connections and lead to great career opportunities. It also presents an opportunity to build your personal brand, while displaying your career and story in a unique and innovative way

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