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Our advisors are committed to identifying unique talent that meets the needs of each individual business while building long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike.  Finding the right fit on both sides is critical to future success. 

Our track record demonstrates our uncompromising dedication to excellence, which makes us ideally equipped to recruit leaders for roles that require niche skill sets.

97% Hire Rate On Search Assignments
60 – 70 Days Average Search Completion Time
95% Candidate Retention Rate In The Past 24 Months
50% Annual Revenue From Repeat Clients 



finance & accounting

From CFOs to financial controllers, we work with you to find leaders with the expertise and vision to drive financial success and growth.



Trust us to elevate your operational capabilities with the right leaders with the vision and expertise to propel your company forward.


human resources

Partner with us to find visionary HR leaders who possess insight into your company’s culture and drive impactful people strategies.


sales & marketing

Connect with us to discover unmatched leadership talent who drive revenue growth, market expansion, and brand visibility.

3yr+ placement
Plant Manager for a Family-Owned Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer Building a Team for a Growing & Evolving Company
Position: Plant Manager
Time to Fulfilment: 9 Weeks
Position Retention: 3+ Years
Challenge: As the company ramped up production amid ongoing COVID-19 supply chain challenges, a long-tenured executive announced their retirement, prompting the need for a successor. Given the individual’s role as the product and engineering expert with extensive legacy knowledge, the successor would have big shoes to fill. The ideal candidate needed experience in mobile conversion, assembly, and manufacturing, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of expertise.
Results: The search mandate was highly specific, resulting in a limited talent pool to draw from. The organization sought an individual who would prepare to more than double production rates, so we needed to identify a driven and growth-oriented candidate with the necessary experience. The Purple Squirrel team leveraged multiple databases and research tools to place an exceptional candidate who has been instrumental in their continued growth.
“Purple Squirrel’s success in recruiting star players for our business led us to make Purple Squirrel our go to search partner, and we come back to Purple Squirrel when our next management level team member is needed.”
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1yr+ placement
Transforming Customer Experience: The Journey of a Director of Customer Care Finding a True Purple Squirrel
Position: Director of Customer Care
Time to Fulfilment: 7 Weeks
Position Retention: 1+ Years
Challenge: This newly created role required a candidate with proven experience across multiple functional business areas within the manufacturing industry. The Director of Customer was tasked with molding the customer experience and serving as a feedback loop for product development, production, and sales & marketing. We were tasked with identifying a data-driven technical leader that would help differentiate the company in the marketplace. Our task was to seek a data-driven strategic leader to help differentiate the company in the marketplace.
Results: Finding a candidate with this specialized skillset and industry experience was a true “purple squirrel” search. Initially uncertain based on what they saw on paper, our clients were widely impressed during the interview process due to our deep understanding of the company’s culture and needs for the role. The candidate has quickly become a key stakeholder within the organization.
“Super responsive, solid screening of candidates to make sure they meet the specified criteria. Their ability to present a slate of 2-4 candidates to compare and contrast gives you a good sense of who the candidate is. ”
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1yr+ placement
Building a Finance Team for a Growing Organization A Scaling Entrepreneurial Organization Prepares for Growth
Position: Director of Accounting
Time to Fulfilment: 4 Weeks
Position Retention: 1+ Years
Challenge: As the leader of the finance/accounting function, our client was looking to add an individual who not only possessed the necessary technical skills but would also provide an operationally oriented mindset. The Director of Accounting would serve as a strategic partner to the leadership team and provide a heightened level of structure, organization, and leadership to the finance/accounting department.
Results: Purple Squirrel Advisors went to market to identify local candidates who possessed both experience working within public accounting and for a growing entrepreneurial organization. After developing a slate of candidates, our client hired an individual who provided the operational accounting background combined with a growth mindset that aligned with overall culture of the organization. After providing an immediate impact and quickly establishing trust with key stakeholders, she was entrusted to grow the team. With the help of Purple Squirrel Advisors, we went to market to identify an accounting manager and senior financial analyst.
“Purple Squirrel presents only the best candidates that they feel would be excellent fits for the role(s) at hand. Our recruiters at Purple Squirrel also had an impressive background of accounting and finance experience which allowed them to clearly understand the tasks and roles we were looking to fill with our new hires. I am confident that the “pre-interview” Zooms that Purple Squirrel did with candidates prior to presenting them to our team saved us endless hours and allowed them to weed out candidates that may have looked okay on paper, but were not actually the right fit for the roles we were hiring for.”
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The Purple Squirrel Approach is PersonaL

We recognize that finding a good fit goes beyond writing a job description and screening resumes. Finding a Purple Squirrel involves identifying talent that matches not only the needs of the role but also the chemistry and culture of the organization. Every step of our “white glove process” is customized to ensure the best fit possible and designed to create a positive client and candidate experience. 

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